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a 1st-century BC sculpture from the collection of the Museo Nazionale de Roma's Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme.
hermaphroditism : the presence of both male and female gonadal tissue in the same individual. True hermaphroditism (q.v.) is distinguished from male pseudohermaphroditism and female pseudohermaphroditism. Called also gynandrism, hermaphrodism, and intersexuality.

bilateral hermaphroditism, that in which gonadal tissue typical of both sexes occurs on each side of the body.

false hermaphroditism, pseudohermaphroditism.

lateral hermaphroditism, presence of gonadal tissue typical of one sex on one side of the body and tissue typical of the other sex on the opposite side.

spurious hermaphroditism, pseudohermaphroditism.

transverse hermaphroditism, a condition in which the external genital organs are characteristic of one sex and the gonads are typical of the other.

true hermaphroditism, coexistence, in the same individual, of both ovarian and testicular tissue, caused by anomalous differentiation of the gonads; secondary sex characters of both genders may be present. Types include lateral, bilateral, unilateral, and transverse hermaphroditism.

unilateral hermaphroditism, presence of gonadal tissue typical of both sexes on one side and of an ovary or testis on the other.

Related isms

  • gynandrism
  • hermaphrodism

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